Anonymous asked:
How you reacted when you saw that Paul George injury???

Sucks … They already lost lance now this smh

Hopefully he can be back for the playoffs 🙏

Anonymous asked:
what do you think of chance the rapper's new song?

Love that shit … Chance gonna be something special !

teddybearsandrum asked:
how old are u?


raunchyngivenchy asked:
I like you mad wavy

Lol thank you

Anonymous asked:
Im deadass tired of sittin by n watchin life go by ( All because my parents don't let me do shit, and I have no job)

- Said by everybody under 18

missjolieeeee asked:
What do you think about when you first wake up?

Do I have to pee

Anonymous asked:
I respect you soo much more because you don't drink/smoke. As a teen I see it everywhere but you show that you can still turn out cool without those things. Thank you 😄

Thank you !!!

Shit can change so fast …

I saw it coming tho

Anonymous asked:
Have you ever smoked or drink before?

Never smoke .. Stop drinking after a crazy night

I don’t need that stuff to make me happy !

Anonymous asked:
do you smoke or drink?